3-2-1 monozukuri!

Being creative on command – impossible? Rather wait for the right moment?

The moment is now!

At monozukuri we don’t wait for the right creative push, but create it – without any pressure to succeed. It’s not about creating great art right away, or having brilliant ideas. But our monozukuri sessions will help you exercise your creative muscles and have fun while doing so. For us art and creativity are iterative processes and not competition.

All people are creative, in very different ways. As soon as we free ourselves from the pressure to perform, we can discover and live out our creativity. Ideas lead to further ideas and monozukuri inspires us to try out, to combine things and thoughts, to expand and thus to find new perspectives.

With our new starting ritual 3-2-1 monozukuri to start gets easy and before you know it the hourglass is already turned. That’s the power of the impulse. No time for self-critical, distracting thoughts. Just get going! It leads to where it leads to :-).

And who knows, maybe the next 14 minutes and 22 seconds will be a rewarding flow experience.

Motivational psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi uses flow to describe complete immersion in an activity. When you’re in flow – ‘in the zone’ – you feel energetic, focused and motivated. The activity is already rewarding in itself, the result is not so important. Our feeling for time and space fades into the background – even a completed hourglass.

It’s very human to judge what you’re doing and not easy to let go here. However, it can be practiced and monozukuri is a good opportunity!